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About Us

We’re Bringing Hope To Life!

The Baltimore Dream Center is a volunteer driven organization that finds and fills the needs of individuals and families alike. It was founded in 2002 and currently hosts a variety of ministries. Every person is worthy of love, and the Dream Center is here to support the community regardless of color, class, or circumstance. The BDC is hosted and supported by Pathway Church of God and various other partners.

• Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift people to God who have been crushed by poverty, substance abuse, imprisonment, homelessness, abuse, and their own neglect to God; and to be a faithful resource to meet their physical and spiritual needs.

• Our Story

The Baltimore Dream Center began like any other great ministry—with a simple vision. While Pastor Billy Humphrey was serving as the associate pastor for what was then known as the Brooklyn Church of God, he realized that one of the church’s older buildings had become a resource that was seldom used. He saw the tremendous potential that this place had to make a difference in the community. By seeing the extreme need of the Brooklyn/Curtis Bay community, Billy and those first team members knew that to turn the city of Baltimore around, this would be the place to begin. Starting out as only a small food bank, the Dream Center has now grown to be a home to many life-giving ministries. Billy Humphrey, now the lead pastor of Pathway Church of God and BDC’s executive director, will be the first to tell you that this dream did not come to life by the efforts of one man, but by the hands of a congregation that decided to meet the needs of their community. They decided that when they saw a need, they would do their best to meet that need and, as followers of Jesus, truly “Bring Hope To Life” in the community.